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Miaka Yuki

     5 years ago today, I started this blog. The initial idea was to draw a female character that I liked every day for a year. Long story short, I didn't meet that goal, but that's okay!

     With it being 5 years ago, I figured it deserved an update! I'm gonna try to draw every day again, but THIS time the goal is for a month. Let's see where it goes! The only rule is I only get ONE HOUR to do these. So they'll most definitely be rough to start and will hopefully get better as I go.

Please enjoy Miaka stuffing her face.
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 0 comments

Frisk and Mettaton EX

Finally! AN UPDATE! I've been quite obsessed with Undertale that I figured I should draw something or something. So yes. Here's the fabulous Mettaton EX. Dem LEGS.
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Kyoko Sakura

I figured it was past time for another post! Here we have Kyoko from Madoka Magica. I figure that I should post a whole set so look forward to Mami (most likely with a head), Sayaka, and my home girl, Homura.


Friday, August 16, 2013 2 comments

Madoka Kaname

h hey! It's been a while. I thought that I would revive this old drawing blog from the dead. So, to celebrate it's return, I'm going to post a series of Madoka drawings I started for an art show but didn't finish in time. These are more detailed than the usual posts, but I figured that they would fit in. From now on, this blog will be an every now and then kinda deal. Thanks!

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Rebecca Chambers

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Claire Redfield

In honor of the first Resident Evil 6 trailer!
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Raccoon Girl